Saturday, February 20, 2010

Manhattan Vacation

Question: Name the most densely populated city in the United States, the one that boasts over 40 million visitors annually, about a third of them from other countries?  Answer: Manhattan.  Just 22 miles from my home, and I never go.  Well, on the last day of a pretty underwhelming Presidents week off from work (Sunday doesn't count), I hopped on the LIRR with the idea of taking a mini-vacation to Manhattan. 

First stop was the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, where fashion models apparently converge to try on vintage furs and hand-me-down boots.  Then I was off to Chelsea Market, a paradise for food-lovers.  I had cappuccino at Ninth Street Espresso with half a Chocolate Sourdough Bread Twist from Amy's Bread...'s the other half.

Then I shopped until I was hungry again, and refreshed myself with a cup of scallop and bacon chowder at The Lobster Place.  On my way out I bought some smoked peppered mackerel for an at-home treat. 

I can't seem to get enough of those oily fish.

My feet were seriously killing me at this point, but I wasn't ready to call it day.  Plus, believe it or not, I was actually getting hungry again!  I left Chelsea Market and happily stumbled into Cafe Riazor.  The awning boasted tapas, so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of rioja and croquetas de jamon.  The friendly barmaid was softly singing along to Spanish music emanating from the jukebox, the wine was warming, and the croquettes, served piping hot in a cast iron skillet, were the perfect combination of crusty and creamy.  I kept one eye on the Women's Ski Jumping on the television, and the other on passing tourists outside, and I felt like I was a million miles from home.

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  1. My mouth is watering! It is nice to experience this vicariously through your blog, but I would have loved to be on the mini-vacation with you!