Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Squash Standing

This is it...the last squash standing, my final purchase at the Port Washington farmers market before it closed for the season.  He has outlasted the potatoes and shallots, and even the garlic.  He stands alone, a reminder of the vegetable bounty that was once mine for the choosing. 

And now he is dinner.  It was that, or watch him grow soft, or develop some kind of weird vegetable mold.  Admittedly, butternut squash is not my favorite.  Plus, I never seem to know what to do with them. The vast majority of butternut sqash seem destined for soup, and squash soups, despite any funky additions, always end up tasting like baby food. So once again, I turned to the following preparation, what is fast becoming my "old standby" when it comes to butternut squash.

It features this remarkably underrated product, plus some crisply sauteed shallots, and the squash roasted in cubes...

...finished with some lightly wilted baby spinach leaves and crumbled Amish blue cheese.

It was a tasty sendoff...


  1. hi clucky,
    I reallllllly like your blog.

    love sara

  2. Hi Clucky,
    The honest truth is I salivated when I saw the finished dish! It looks delicious. We should live closer!