Friday, November 20, 2009

The Antidote

Why do I always feel like a truck rolled over me at the end of the working week?  Half asleep at the wheel, I navigated my way home through the aggressive Friday afternoon traffic, staggered across the parking lot trailing fourteen bags in my wake, and stumbled through the door to find...a centipede.  And not just an ordinary centipede, either, but the great grandpappy of centipedes.  He was like four centipedes stuck together.  He was perched on the wall above the sofa, his fringe of legs undulating a greeting.  The instinct to run was very strong.
Have you ever swatted a centipede? They are not very quick, which is good. But they sort of explode like firecrackers, their parts flying every which way. I was grateful this guy's parts flew behind the sofa because I was free to ignore them and head to the kitchen for a glass of wine to still my shaking hands.  Then I rustled up this dish:

It's a quick hash of yellow potatoes, thick cut bacon and barely wilted baby spinach leaves, with my latest obsession nestled on top: a poached egg. This was the perfect antidote to work-weariness and an epic confrontation with an insect.  Followed by my other current obsession, Kozy Shack flan, and it almost felt like the weekend had arrived.

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  1. Your supper looked wonderful, and your writing is a real treat.